This allows you to accurately determine the Beats Per Minute (BPM) of songs. Although

this is a very unsophisticated method, it is accurate. To determine the BPM:


1)Click the Reset Button;

2)Place the mouse over the Count Button;

3)Listen to the music. Each time you hear the dominant beat of a measure click the Count

   Button. For a waltz it will be ONE two three, ONE two three, etc. Click on the ONE

   beat. Within ten clicks the deviation of the average determined BPM will become small.


The determined BPM is automatically adjusted for the playing tempo. If it is difficult to

hear the beat or count fast enough, turn the volume up, slow the tempo down, and try it



Once the BPM is accurately determined, click the button that Saves The Real BPM in the



After determining the BPM, if the measures per minute (MPM) is out of range for the

genre, you can enter the desired MPM, and listen to it. If it is okay save the settings (See

Play Settings).